Marvin Terry Rucker


I never considered myself a writer.

I have always been good at telling stories. Although, my mother had a different word for it.

As I navigated life through high school, college, the Navy, and adulthood, I always found myself in remarkably interesting situations. I used to joke about it saying, “Man, I could write a book about this stuff.” Situation after situation, I kept hearing that voice in the back of my head saying, “You should write a book”.


Finally, I decided to just start writing. I sat down with a pad and pen and began writing what would later be chapters 1 and 12 of my book “Snatched Out of the Hand of the Enemy”. Every time I thought about it, I wrote another chapter. This took almost a year. I decided to self-publish because I did not want anyone to be able to tell me what I could and could not write or what I should leave in and should leave out.

I wrote this book based on my own life and experiences and I knew I had hit on something when people contacted me and said that they had purchased the book because they thought that it would help them, a family member or just someone that they knew. And that it had.

Today, I believe that I have found my niche. In my book, I tell the story of the struggle to break free of a chokehold and a past that has had a residual impact on my present that I refuse to allow to dictate my future.

In “Snatched Out of the Hand of the Enemy”, you will find stories of family, friendship, fear, humor and hope that just happen to have happened.

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