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His observations of struggles with demonic forces are familiar to biblical accounts of other great men wrestling with divine purpose in a carnal world. From King David’s struggle with Bathsheba, Joseph’s struggle with his brothers, Peter’s failing testimony about knowing Jesus to Paul’s struggle with his flesh, Marvin walks us through the process of being set free from “the hand of the enemy”.

Bishop Kenneth H. Moales, Sr.

Senior Pastor  Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Bridgeport, Connecticut  

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Marvin Terry Rucker

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“Snatched Out of the Hand of the Enemy” is a true story. In January 1989, the author finds himself at what he thought was the end of the road. He was actually at the beginning of a road that would take over 20 years to travel, two steps back for every one step forward.  Having grown up too fast or not fast enough, depending on how you look at it, he finds himself surrounded by the consequences of bad decisions, fast money schemes and a need to feel good ‘right now'. He never knew that everything that he needed was already inside of him since before the foundation of the world.

 Read his testimony of how GOD covered and carried him through the most difficult times in his life. If you or anyone you know has ever felt like you were at the end of your rope and your hands were slipping fast OR that GOD had forgotten about you, this book will truly bless you. After all, destiny is a funny thing…

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